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I am looking for the relationship oriented type. I've been on a few dates but nothing serious. I wouldn't be opposed to something serious by any means. I am NOT into hookups; one night stands; etc. If there is a guy out there who is compassionate and caring that is a huge plus. (Good looking is a bonus; haha).

I love music. I mainly listen to country music and am a huge Shania Twain fan. Although; I am open to all types of music. So; PLEASE do not let the idea of my love for country music scare you away. There are so many different genres and artists in my music collection.

I understand the importance of life and that there is so much to it. If I could find someone who is willing to be sort of adventurous; that's cool. I am always open to exploring new things. I also am very goal oriented and like to think I have a solid idea of what my future looks like. I am currently working on getting my AA in Broadcasting Communications and Journalism with an emphasis on radio. I hope to transfer in the future to get my BA. Once that is done; I'll go from there.

If you smoke; or are a heavy drinker - odds are we will not get along. If you are open-minded and have a zest for life; then hey...let's chat. Don't be afraid to message me. Odds are; I will reply.

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